What Should Be Included On A Dental Website

In today’s digital era, a website is no longer just a virtual presence for a dental practice. It has become a vital tool to attract new patients and convert website visitors to possible new patient calls. A plain website is no longer enough when seeking to win over patients to your clinic. The best dental websites should describe all dental practices and services and contain various elements that work together to generate an ideal user experience. This guide will outline the necessary features that must be included in a dental website and provide helpful tips for dental marketing companies like Rankdent Ltd, located in London, to create attention-grabbing and user-friendly websites for their clients.


The dental industry in the United Kingdom has grown considerably in the last decade, with an increase in the number of dentists, orthodontists, denture specialists, hygienists, and oral surgeons. This growth has enabled many people to benefit from the dental care they need. However, with this growth comes fierce competition, and dental marketing companies must create websites that stand out from the crowd. A dental website should not only be professional and attention-grabbing but also describe all dental practices and services in a user-friendly way. This guide will provide essential information on what should be included on a dental website to impress prospective patients, as well as tips on how to design an effective dental practice website. Whether you are a dentist, orthodontist, or dental marketing company like Rankdent Ltd, this guide will provide valuable insights to help you create a website that converts website visitors to loyal patients.

Necessary Features for a Dental Website:

  • The homepage
  • The about us page
  • Written testimonials and reviews
  • Services page
  • Pages for each treatment/service
  • Online scheduling
  • Dental patient in-take forms
  • Smile galleries
  • Consistent new content or blog post
  • Credentials
  • Contact us page
  • Hours and location
  • Call to action on every page
  • Live chat
  • Social media buttons
  • Promotions and discounts

Having a plain dental practice website is not enough to win over patients to your clinic. Your website’s goal must be to convert website visitors into potential new patients. With this in mind, there are essential features that must be included in a dental website to generate an ideal user experience. These features include a homepage, an about us page, written testimonials and reviews, services page, pages for each treatment/service, online scheduling, dental patient intake forms, smile galleries, consistent new content or blog posts, credentials, contact us page, hours and location, call to action on every page, live chat, social media buttons, and promotions and discounts.

The key to designing an effective dental practice website is to ensure that it is modern, responsive, easy to navigate, and includes quality images and short videos. It must also be Google-friendly and HIPAA compliant, ensuring that any information shared through your website is encrypted and protected.

An effective dental website is critical to the success of a dental practice. By including the necessary features and implementing the tips provided in this guide, dental marketing companies like Rankdent Ltd and dental professionals can create websites that impress prospective patients and convert website visitors into loyal patients.


Things to Consider While Designing a Website for a Dental Practice:

  • Modern design
  • Responsive design
  • Easy and organized navigation
  • Quality images
  • Short videos
  • A Google-friendly site
  • HIPAA compliance


Quality Images and Short Videos

With more than half of marketers acknowledging visual images as a fundamental marketing tool, the significance of incorporating quality images on your dental practice website can’t be overstated. Visitors are attracted to a website with high-quality images and are more likely to remain engaged with your site.

Short videos are quickly becoming an essential element for high-performing websites. Dental marketing videos allow dentists to reach more patients efficiently and communicate with them directly. Refined production of practice videos will make your dental office stand out in a competitive market, showcasing your character and the treatments your clinic offers. These videos also help to strengthen the trust between the dentist and the patient.

By including high-quality images and short videos on your website, you provide visitors with a better understanding of your practice and the services you offer. This can help to increase patient engagement, retain more patients and ultimately grow your practice.




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