dental marketing company in londonRankdent Ltd was launched in 2017 but we have been operating as freelancer since 2014, helping dental practices get the awesome SEO solution that they require. With our expert solution, we will help ensure that you consistently reach new, quality patients that will stay with your practice for the long term.


From content creation to link building and of course SEO, we can deliver a fully comprehensive campaign that will help you rank higher than before. 

A key benefit of choosing our business is that we specialise in digital marketing for dentists. This ensures that we know what your patients want to see and we will target them effectively, helping you grow your reach. 

As well as increasing the level of patients walking through your door, we’ll deliver increases to your revenue and help boost your brand image. Regardless of your goals or objectives for your marketing campaign, we’re here to help you and we will deliver a quality solution that you deserve. 

Dental Practices Need Branding 


If you are running a dental practice you do need to focus on branding your business the right way. You must promote everything from great patient experiences to your expertise and credentials. Using our fantastic digital marketing strategies we will put you on the map and elevate your brand online. 

Our Expert Services And Solutions 


We can offer a range of different services to you. Our solution is completely customizable and can be scaled to match your needs and may include:

Managed SEO Services – 97% of interactions online start with an online search. We’re ready to ensure that when patients search for a dental practice, they do find your business. Whether you want to use paid or organic search engine support, we can deliver. 


Web Design – Any website we design will be completely optimized to deliver the highest ranking possible. Your website will be clear, brand-focused and ready to convert. Whether we build a new website from scratch or improve upon an existing one, we will deliver results with a site ideal for both desktop and mobile devices. 


Social Media Marketing – Social networks offer a massive potential that you don’t want to waste. We’ll deliver killer content for each network your operating on to engage your audience and keep your brand in the spotlight. 


Email Marketing – Contrary to belief, email marketing isn’t dead and we know how to use it the right way, providing the value you to your clients and keeping them connected to your brand. We can create content that effectively pinpoints their pain points and provides the solutions they need. 


Google AdWords – With our ad campaigns we will make sure that you are able to appear at the top of the search results pages. We can help you get the upper hand against a competitor, even if they have higher funding. 


A Completely Customised Solution

Are you worried about the possibility of a cookie-cutter service? We’re the exception and we know that no two dental businesses are the same. You will have different goals, budget requirements and concerns compared to another practice. Similarly, your patients may not even fit the same demographic. 

We know this and that’s why when you choose our solution, we’ll work to get to know your brand. We’ll address your issues, concerns and build a campaign that matches your needs and requirements perfectly. In doing so, we make sure that you get the best value from the solution that we provide. If you’re not satisfied with the results, then neither are we. 


A History Of Excellence

No company should be expected to trust a business that can’t provide evidence of proven results. We can and when you contact us we can offer case studies as well as stats that highlight the impact of our solution on the success rates of previous clients. Our aim is to build a long lasting relationship with you by providing a fantastic service.


We Provide Full Reports On Our Services

Have you been frustrated before with a solution that doesn’t keep you updated on progress? We’re not like that and will provide comprehensive reports highlighting how your website and other areas of your campaign our performing. Our aim is to make sure that you are kept informed every step of the way. 


Find Out More 

Are you interested in discovering more about the service that we provide? Or, are you ready to hire us to reinvigorate your dental digital marketing campaign? Either way, get in touch today. While we are based in London, we’re more than happy to help clients rank regardless of where they are located in the UK. 

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